Registration Forms


Swimposium Club Registrar Power Point (9/11)


2013 Club Leadership Power Point

2014 Club Registrar Instructions


2014 Year Round Athlete Form


2014 Seasonal Form (150 days)


2014 Non-Athlete Form


FAQ - New Foundations of Coaching Test


 2014 Open Water/Single Meet Form


2014 Athlete Outreach Form

2014 LE Club Form

2014 USA Club Form
(need both club forms)


2014 Athlete Protection Training Information


2014 First Aid Change



Team Manager Electronic Registration and Meet Entry Instructions


Requirements for Starting  a New Club


Revised New Club Checklist (8/28/13)


Link to USA Swimming


Club Portal Instructions


Timing & Computer Certification


Timing System Operator Certification (7/12)

Hy-Tek Computer Operator Certification (7/12)


CSU Forms


CSU Waiver Form


CSU Waiver Form (PDF)


Sanction Forms


Meet Sanction/Approval Guide



Application for Sanction (4/16/14)


Meet Information Template (11/21/13)



Observation Forms




Non-Champ Form (10/28/13)


Champ Form (10/28/13)


Times Verification Form


Season Ending Meets


Safety Forms


Report of Occurrence Form (8/2010)


Coach Safety Requirements


Meet Safety Manual (9/2012)





Instructions for submitting legislation for the LESI House of Delegates.  



Financial Forms


Athlete Reimbursement Form (3/14)


Coach Reimbursement Form (3/14)


Team Sectional Reimbursement Form (8/12)


Team Sr. Zone Reimbursement Form (8/12)


LESI Check Request Form (7/1/10)


2012 Budget Forms (7/11) NEW


Coach Clinic Reimbursement Form - Nationals (10/11/13)


LESI Personal Equipment Form (2/25/14)


2013 Elaine Miller Form  (5/13)


LESI Tax Exempt Form (06/29/10)



Meet Host/Mgmt Forms


Initial Split Request Form


CSU FacilitiesWaiver Form


After Meet Registration Report


Meet Financial Form (10/11/13)


Meet Personnel Document  (9/8/11)


Swimmer Surcharge Report (8/3/10)


LESI Sanction Fee Worksheet (2/25/14)


 Deck Entry USA Verification form


Meet Host Registration Procedures




Coach Membership Verification form (11/11)


Instructions for Financial Report for Approved Meets


Meet Resource List


Camera Zone Signs (6/12)

Historical Documents

Award Recipients