Registration Forms


Club Registrar Power Point (Fall, 2015)


 2017 Club Registrar Instructions


2017 Year Round Athlete Form


2017 Seasonal Form (150 days)


2017 Non-Athlete Form


2017 Apprentice Official Form

Apprentice Official Information


 2017 Open Water/Single Meet Form


2017 Athlete Outreach Form

2017 LE Club Form

2017 USA Club Form
(need both club forms)





Team Manager Electronic Registration and Meet Entry Instructions


Requirements for Starting  a New Club


Revised New Club Checklist (6/15/14)


Club Portal Instructions


STSC Skills Sheet


Timing & Computer Certification


Timing System Operator Certification (7/12)

Hy-Tek Computer Operator Certification (7/12)


CSU Forms


CSU Waiver Form


CSU Waiver Form (PDF)


Sanction Forms



Application for Sanction (8/21/14)


Application for Approval (8/21/14)


Meet Information Template (9/26/16)



Observation Forms




Non-Champ Form (10/28/13)


Champ Form (10/28/13)


Season Ending Meets


Observed Time Request for Upload to SWIMS


Observed Meet Time Verification Form


Safety Forms


2016 Meet Safety Manual


LESI Meet Safety Manual (3/16)


NEW - Safety - Racing Starts (10/16)


FAQ Coach Safety Requirements (3/16)


Appendix A - Meet Safety Director Overview (3/16)


Appendix B - Meet Safety Director Checklist (3/16)


Appendix C - Host Club Safety Checklist  (3/16)


Appendix E - Announcement (3/16)


Appendix F - Coach Membership Verification Form (3/16)


Appendix G - Warm Up Philosopy (3/16)


Appendix H - Directing Warm Ups (3/16)


Appendix I - Warm Up Invigilator (3/16)


Appendix J - Lane Marshals Duties (3/16)


Appendix K - Lifeguard Continuous Duties  (3/16)


Appendix L - USA Swimming Report of Occurrence Form (3/16)


Appendix M - Warm Up Guidelines (3/16)






Instructions for Submitting Legislation


Volunteer Conflict of Interest Form


Instructions for Submitting Legislation

Financial Forms


Athlete Reimbursement Form (8/5/15)


Coach Reimbursement Form (8/5/15)


Team Sectional Reimbursement Form (8/5/15)


Team Sr. Zone Reimbursement Form (8/5/15)


LESI Check Request Form (11/30/16)




Coach Clinic Reimbursement Form - Nationals (10/11/13)


LESI Personal Equipment Form (2/25/14)


Elaine Miller Form  (5/13)


LESI Tax Exempt Form (06/29/10)



Meet Host/Mgmt Forms


Initial Split Request Form


CSU FacilitiesWaiver Form


After Meet Registration Report



Meet Personnel Document  (9/8/11)


Swimmer Surcharge and Meet Financial  Report (8/26/15)


LESI Sanction Fee Worksheet (2/25/14)


 Deck Entry USA Verification form


Meet Host Registration Procedures




Coach Membership Verification form (11/11)


Instructions for Financial Report for Approved Meets


Meet Resource List


Camera Zone Signs (6/12)

Historical Documents

Award Recipients


Lake Erie 2014 SC Age Champs Pictures

Sat Finals  Sun Finals


Photos from LESI 14 & U Champs -


Lake Erie 2016 SC Age Group Champs Pictures


Fri  Sat   Sun


Lake Erie 2016 LC Age Group Champs Pictures


Friday    Saturday       Sunday