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Our Mission:  To enrich the lives of our athletes through the sport of swimming by providing safe and inclusive programming in a culture that encourages competitive excellence and personal growth.




LESI Senior Champs Volunteer Assignment List (7/21/17)



Lake Erie welcomes a new club -
Sandusky Area YMCA Manta Rays (SYMR)
Head coch is Jeff Armstrong (


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Congratulations TCAT!! you have broken the LE registration record today with your latest registration file. 


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 USA Swimming Futures Meet at Spire Institute - contact: Josh Ptak -; 440-476-1805


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Caroline McDermott (PA) Chosen as ASCA Fellow for 2017 Class


Caroline has been chosen as an ASCA fellow for a pilot project.  Below is the description of the project.


ASCA Fellows 2017 project ----
With our world changing at a rapid rate, ASCA would like to explore how changing generational influences affect athletes and impact how they are coached. The 2017 Fellows class will construct a comprehensive definition/description illustrating today's "contemporary athlete", which will encapsulate what/who the modern (Age Group) athlete is.  The class will propose a model on how to reach/coach this demographic effectively in Swimming.

Scope of Work:
The 2017 class will conduct background research and consult with outside organizational experts to explore and answer many burning questions about our current athlete demographic, such as: Are swimmers today (Gen Z, iGen) different from previous generations of athletes (Millennials, Boomers), and in what ways? How does this demographic learn? How do they communicate? What are their priorities? Strengths/weaknesses?

(The class may also explore: Are the athletes the same, but the parents different? Are the athletes the same, but the coaches different?  How have Millennial parents/coaches affected the latest generation? How can the coach's role on their team evolve to be effective across all generations from athletes, to parents, to board members?)

The summarized research will be followed by contemporary recommendations in the form of a formal coaching model that provides tools and action items for use in working with today's athlete effectively.

From the ASCA Website:  
The Fellows is a mentorship program aimed at developing future (off deck) coach-leaders of our sport. The program is centered on the completion of a project done in the year between World Clinics, with the projects designed to advance the swimming body of knowledge.

Congratulations, Caroline






















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6/10-11 Solon Stars Summer Swimfest   Results
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6/15-18 Jerry Holtrey Invitational
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6/30-7/2 49th Annual Freedlander Swim Meet   Results TM
7/8-9 Avon Classic   Results TM
7/14-16 Mid Summer Dash   Results TM
7/21-23 LE Age Group Champs Warm Up    
7/28-30 LE Senior Champs
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 Swimmers of the Meet



Chachi Gustafson (SHSH)

20th World Maccabiah Games


The World Maccabiah games are held every 4 years in Israel with 10,000 athletes from 80 countries, July 4-18, 2017.  Chachi represented the USA Juniors Swim Team.  He won silver and bronze medals in the 100 and 200 Fly.  Both times are 2nd fastest ever for a Lake Erie 15 year old and are currently in the top 10 and top 20 in the U.S. He was also on the Team USA 400 medley relay that won a silver medal.


Congratulations Chachi!





Chris McFarland (STRS)

2017 FLA International Meet in Plantation, FL


Chris was the 15-16 high point winner and broke a meet record in the 15-16 1500 FR.


Congratulations Chris!







































Our Mission: To enrich the lives of our athletes through the sport of swimming by providing safe and inclusive programming in a culture that encourages competitive excellence and personal growth.