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Our Mission:  To enrich the lives of our athletes through the sport of swimming by providing safe and inclusive programming in a culture that encourages competitive excellence and personal growth.



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Lake Erie Swimming Inc. is currently seeking nominations for the Lake Erie Swimming Inc. Board of Directors position of Admin. Vice-Chair.  If you have are interested or would like to nominate someone, please contact Eric Peterson- LESI Nomination Committee Chair via email at

  MARK YOUR CALENDAR - May 1, 2016- LESI HOUSE OF DELEGATES, St. Noel's Banquet Center, Willoughby, OH   2016 Spring HOD Legislation
  NEW - 2016 Safety Manual with separate files for each appendix is now available under FORMS tab

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  NEW - The 2016 LE Central Zone Open Water Team will compete June 24th in Lake Andrea which is located in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  Please complete the Application and Apparel Order Form.  Application          Apparel Form

Lake Erie Swimming's Open Water Committee is proud to offer Six Open Water Training Camps during June 2016 to all LESI swimmers.  Please complete the following Application and Waiver.

  NEW - 2016-17 SC Bid Packet
  NEW - Instructions for Legislation for Spring, 2016 HOD
April 8 to 10th 
The Open Water Festival at Miromar Lakes, Florida includes the following races;
10 K National Championships Crippen Sunset Mile Open Water Festival Race
  NEW - 2016 CZ-LE Zone Team Information
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Super Lake Erie Volunteer


Jo Wintering (STRS)


Jo Wintering (STRS) has been registrar for Solon Stars for more than 7 years aside from all her volunteering in the Aurora school district.  She has been a volunteer at Walsh Jesuit since her eldest son, Jim (who is now in his 30's) was a freshman there.  She is also a lector in her parish and does PSR and other clerical jobs for them.  She also has been a Boy Scout Mom since Jim started it.  Alex, her youngest, is still in Boy Scouts.  Her other sons advanced to Eagle Scouts.Jo, also, manages the Chagrin Valley Recreation Swim Team of over 150 swimmers for the past 12 years. They host the Chagrin Invitational Relay Swim Meet for over 40 years which has been attended by literally thousands of swimmers from Northeast Ohio!


Thank you Jo for being a Lake Erie Volunteer.














Date(s) Meet Warm
TM File
3/11-13  LESI Age Group  Championship 
(rev 1/20)
Results TM
3/31-4/3 CZ Section 3 Spring Championships - Geneva, OH Results
TT Results
5/1 Awards Program
LESI House of Delegates
  Results TM
5/7 LESD May Madness (rev 4/11)   Results
5/14 PS Opener
(rev 3/23/16)
  Results TM
5/20-22 Robt Busbey Invit
(rev 3/11)
  Results TM
6/4-6 CCS Age Group   Results TM


Lake Erie at Olympic Training Center


Lake Erie athletes and coaching staff trained at the USA Olympic Training Center from 4/18-22. 


Way to Go LE!



Athletes - Max Gustafson, Giovanna Cappabianca, Page McCormick, Gaby Palazzo, Maggie Haas, Natalie Gundling, Ismary Puente, Jack Saum, Hanna Gresser, Jessica Bonezzi, Carly Hart, Madeline Dyer, Ashley Mennenga, Ben Brooks, Rachel Stark, Tim Kubacki, Cal Aulizia, Leanna Myers, and Dominic Poletta. 
   Coaches- Carl Shallenberger and Liz Hastings.  Team Coordinator - Eric Peterson







Our Mission: To enrich the lives of our athletes through the sport of swimming by providing safe and inclusive programming in a culture that encourages competitive excellence and personal growth.